5 Characteristic of Healthy Personality

A healthy personality is a state of complete physical, mental and social well being and not merely absence of disease.

1. Realistic Self Appraisal

This helps the person to accept failures and get attainable goals in future life.

2. Acceptance of Responsibility

This person does hot avoid responsibilities on him and accepts them with putting efforts to successful fulfillment.

3. Autonomy

Healthy people always are independent in thought and action. They are self-directing and self-governing.

4. Acceptable Emotional Control

The person is able to manage frustration without violence and destruction. He develops tolerance for stress, anxiety, depression and pain. He is also able to show affection and love wherever required.

5. Goal Achievement

The healthy person always tries his/her level best to achieve the set goals before him according to his ability, interest, capacity and in an available conditions.

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