Difference Between Marketing Information System and Marketing Research

It is essential to clarify the difference between Marketing Information System (MIS) and Marketing Research.

1. Meaning

Marketing Information System: It consist of people equipment and procedure to gather, sort, analyze, evaluate and distribute needed timely and accurate information for decision makers.

Marketing Research: It is systematic process of collecting and analyzing of data to solve marketing problems.

2. Purpose

Marketing Information System: The aim of MIS if to provide the required information for effective decision making.

Marketing Research: The purpose is to solve specific marketing problem.

3. Scope

Marketing Information System: MIS has wider scope than marketing research as the information collected if used not only for problem solving but also for prevention of problem.

Marketing Research: Marketing research has a narrow scope than MIS as marketing research is a part of MIS and is used to solve the problem.

4. Specific / General

Marketing Information System: MIS is general in nature as it is useful to solve wide range of problems.

Marketing Research: Marketing research is specific in nature as it is used to solve a specific problem only

5. Reports

Marketing Information System: MIS provides various reports such as periodic reports, plan reports, demand report and triggered reports.

Marketing Research: In marketing research there is only one report.

6. Frequency

Marketing Information System: Information collected frequently some times may be even every day.

Marketing Research: Marketing research is conducted less frequently. It is conducted only to solve specific problem.

7. Number of Problems

Marketing Information System: Data collected by MIS can be used to solve number of problems it can collect information on various problems at a time.

Marketing Research: Marketing research relates to one problem at a time.

8. Existence

Marketing Information System: MIS is the lifeblood of marketing and it is essential for all business units.

Marketing Research: Every business unit may or may not maintain a marketing research dept.

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