6 Limitations of Celebrity Endorsement

1. Expensive

Endorsement of brand by celebrity is going to be a cost associated with it that some businesses may not be able to afford. Crores of rupees are charged by celebrities for
endorsement of products.

2. Multiple Endorsements

A celebrity may endorse multiple brands within same industry. This may affect credibility of audience about the brand. Eg. Celebrities like Amitabh Bachan and Shah Rukh Khan endorse multiple brands which makes difficult for a person to recall all brands endorsed by them.

3. Mismatch Celebrity Personality and Brand Endorsed

There may be mismatch between a celebrity’s personality and the brand endorsed which not only lead to the celebrity losing his credibility but also raises questions on the brand endorsed by them. For instance, many eyebrows were raised when Virat Kohli, endorsed a fairness cream during the last Cricket World Cup, leading people to question as to why a promising cricketer would endorse a fairness product.

4. Scandals

The celebrity may be involved in the scandals which may adversely affect image of the brand which he/she endorsing. Eg. Match fixing scandals by celebrity may have adverse effect on the demand for product endorsed by them.

5. Controversies

Celebrities may get into controversies that can harm image of brand they endorse. Eg. Australian former legspinner Shane Warne was seen smoking a puff in a Barbados bar. This created problems for the brand he was endorsing ‘Nicorette’ (it is a chewing gum that helps to quite smoking).

6. Gap between Endorsement and Usage

The celebrities who endorse the brand may not be using it. Eg. Lux advertisement showing Shah Rukh Khan in bath tub, was not digested by audience.

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