Prejudice – Effects, Types, and Remedies

Prejudice is closely associated with our attitudes and values. Prejudice shapes our personality and influence our adjustment in society. Prejudice leads to stereotypes, discrimination and intergroup conflicts.

Prejudice is nothing but the preconceived mind which have many wrong dogmas, beliefs, customs, traditions, practices etc. It is a negative term. Positive is very rare. It is the attitude of an individual which leads him to discriminate others on the basis of social, religious, regional, caste, creed, sex etc.

Effects of Prejudice

  1. It enables one of his self-image.
  2. It holds negative views towards others.
  3. It feels superior than others and call inferior to them.
  4. It forms particular stereotype.
  5. Prejudice retard one’s development.

Types of Prejudice

  1. Gender discrimination – Some ill feeling about female and worth for male.
  2. Young and old discrimination.
  3. Prejudice against particular region and its people.
  4. Prejudices against castes.
  5. Class Prejudice – Rich, poor, white, black etc.
  6. Prejudices against religious groups.

Remedies to Prejudice

  1. Appropriate teaching and education .
  2. Encourage inter-group harmony.
  3. Various programmes through mass media.
  4. Social learning models be presented.
  5. Change in Perception a Attitudinal change.

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