Short Note on Gond Uprising

Maratha power was the last regime which was defeated by the British. Bhosale of Nagpur was one of the important center of Maratha might. However after the end of their rule, British were free to introduce their administrative system in the Nagpur region. Within three years of their assuming charge of Chandrapur, the British had to face a trouble in the area. A large part of Chandrapur district was covered with thick forest populated mainly by Gonds. Several Zamindars also were related to the Raj Gond families of Chandrapur. A number of Raj Gond had helped Appasaheb Bhosale in his struggle against the British.

Taking advantage of the revolt of 1857 the Gond Zamindar of Adapalli and Ghot revolted against the British. They gathered a considerable force of Gonds and brought Rajgad Pargana under his control. British sent army to suppress the Gond rebellion. Baburao Gond attacked the English camp in the Aheri province and looted it. English army did find it difficult to suppress the Gond revolt. However treachery played the trick. Baburao Gond was captured and hanged to death. The rising of Chadrapur was spontaneous. Though Gond did not become successful, their heroic efforts inspired the others.

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