Short Note on Ramoshi Revolt

Ramoshiss also known as Berad, was a nomadic tribe of hunter gatherers found in a large scale in western Maharashtra. They served as a fighting force in the Maratha army, well known for their bravery. In the early nineteenth century the commercial British national forest policy and the conflict it created over forest use forced them to start struggle against British rule. After the final defeat of the Marathas in 1818, the British administration of the Bombay Province found it difficult to suppress the activities of Ramoshis. Since the Maratha rule was over, they became unemployed. They were working in police administration of Maratha with the introduction of the British administrative set up the local tribes like Ramoshiss and Bhills were neglected. Most of them were removed from job. This led of the rising discontent in their mind against the British. Though Ramoshiss were unemployed they were confident of themselves as they were armed. They were ready to join any one who would provide them suitable employment. The economic problems created by famine and British regime had adverse effect on the people.

The Ramoshiss led the banner of revolt under their spirited leader Umaji Naik. He and his associate Bapu Trimbakji revolted against the British rule. Their revolt caused a lot of trouble for the British rule. They lived in forest and people had sympathy for them, since they did not harm the poor people. On the contrary they attacked the moneylenders and rich people who were exploiting the masses. From 1828 to 1829 their rule was the ultimate in the hills around the fort of Torna. Though their leader Umaji was captured and put to death by the British they never lost their struggle. Ramoshiss were so troublesome that after few years, British tried to pacify them by granting lands as well as recruiting them as hill police.

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