7 Types of Gender Inequality in India

The greatest Indian economist and Nobel Laureate Prof. Amartya Sen has done considerable work on gender inequality. He uses the term for the exclusion of women from many areas where she is always excluded as “missing women”. According to him there are seven types of inequalities which are faced by women and resorted by the male dominated society i.e. ‘Patriarchy’

1. Mortality Inequality

Patriarchy does not take health care and nutritional care of women which leads to high mortality rate of women in India and also in Africa, China etc. in the World.

2. Natality Inequality

In this type of inequality we find that male dominated societies always prefer for baby boy and kills the foctus of baby girl or get it abort.

3. Basic Facility Inequality

In this kind of inequality women are restrained from schooling and nutritional facilities and not allowed to participate in socio-cultural activities.

4. Special Opportunity Inequality

In this, the male dominated society does not allow young women for higher education and go for any interested profession. They are excluded from exposure of their talents.

5. Professional inequality

Men always underestimate women in case of employments, promotion at work and certain employments are monopolised by male only.

6. Ownership Inequality

In this kind of inequality women are excluded from arriving the property and inheritance rights. They are not allowed to have their assets and land property and can not flower and flourish in commercial activities.

7. Household Inequality

Here the males are making it granted that in a household responsibility women has to share more burden. Somewhere even today, it is the natural rule that women have to look after household affairs i.e. rearing the children, their prime care, cooking the food etc. will be compulsorily done by them.

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